Roots of Inspiration:

  • Nature
  • Animals
  • The Arts
  • My thoughts and feelings

I love the wind and movement.  About 80% of what I create moves in some way or another.

I’ve been creating steel sculptures since 2011.  Prior to that, I played with wire, creating odd abstract doodles.  I am fascinated with the unusual and unexpected surprises.  Often times, my sculptures genuinely speak to me and tell me what they need.  Well, of course, I give it to them.  Things I couldn’t have thought up on my own.  God is definitely with me as I am creating.

I am so turned on to this nostalgic idea that 200 years from now, my work will still be alive in someone’s home or in their city.

My mission is to make high quality sculpture obtainable for the folks that use their hands to make a living.  Also, I will ensure that a significant portion of my sales go towards LOCAL charity.